Location, Location, Location! But, is location really everything? When it comes to selecting your marketing company, does it matter where they are? In today’s world of technology with major companies boasting mobile and global workforces, does location matter anymore?

For many brands, it may not. If you are an e-commerce site with a global customer base, your marketing firm can be global too. But, if you are a local brand, with a regional audience, you need someone who knows your customers well.

Although we are a NYC regional firm, our corporate headquarters are in Howell, NJ, right outside of Lakewood, NJ. We work with many local marketing campaigns, especially non-profit marketing campaigns and local PR needs of various companies, public figures and communal organizations.

Marketing in Lakewood, NJ is just as unique as marketing for any local town in the world. Lakewood’s residents have their own likes and dislikes that form a colorful local culture. Are we the best marketing firm in Lakewood, NJ, we think so:) If you’d like to find out, just give us a call…