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A big challenge marketing firms have is whether to market to their customers or to their customer’s customers. Of course, in running any business, the customer is always right – the question here is, which customer?!?!

It happened all the time, you do the market research, you think you understand what the market wants, you figure out how to sell it and then Bam! Your client shoots down like the idea. What do you do? Push your client, and you risk loosing business. Don’t and you risk losing your reputation.

Ok, so maybe I am over-exaggerating, I am not saying to entertain running a marketing campaign that you think reflects that poorly on your reputation. However, we all like to do work we think showcases us at our best.

So, what do we do?

I believe that as marketers, out number one responsibility is to guide our customers in the right direction helping to sell their message. And when they get in the way, we need to use our creative skills to market our idea to them as well.

Yes, I am suggesting that marketing is about marketing to our customers as much as it is marketing to consumers. The question was: Who do we market to? – everyone!

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